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Red Ribbon Week
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017
Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Week
October 23rd-27th

Red Ribbon Week 

October 23rd- 27th  


Monday:“CHEWS” to be DRUG FREE! 

*Students will receive a sweet treat* 

Tuesday: Too smart to start DRUGS! 

*Nerd Day* 

Wednesday:DRUGS are despicable! 

*Despicable Minion Day* 

Thursday:We are the Knights, our future is too bright for DRUGS! 

*Neon and Sunglasses* 

Friday: My character counts! I’m DRUG free! 

*Favorite Character Day* 


Students MUST be in their uniform from the waist down, including  

uniform shoes. No face masks allowed on Friday. We look forward to 

 having a great Red Ribbon Week! 




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