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Student Lighthouse Team Application & Process



Purpose:  Pearl Haskew's Student Lighthouse Team will help the school make important decisions to assist the school in achieving their mission: 

Learn, Love, Serve, Lead by promoting daily the Leader In Me process at school and in the community.


Criteria:  Students must exhibit the habits themselves by being a role model on campus. 

They must be able to teach the habits to students, parents, and community members. 

The team members must have exceptional leadership skills and a commitment to the Leader In Me process. 



 *Model habits daily at school and home

 *Check "You Have A Voice Box" and present valid ideas and concerns to the faculty Lighthouse Team

*Ensure that appointed grade levels are presenting habits on the Knightly News and provide ideas and support when needed

*Plan, design, and create student leadership displays around the school to promote the LIM process

*Synergize with the faculty Lighthouse Team to plan Leadership Day

*Present to visiting parents, schools, and community members to explain the 7 Habits, LIM process, Core Paradigms, and Pearl Haskew's mission

*Attend all meetings and be an active participant by having a role on the team.


**Pearl Haskew will have two members from each grade level in K-2nd grade and 3 members from each grade level in 3rd - 5th grades. 

The members will be chosen after they complete the application and interview with a panel of faculty/staff. *Kindergarten members will be chosen after 1st semester.



Pearl Haskew Student Lighthouse Team




Grade_______ Teacher_________________________________


  • 1. Why do you want to be on the Student Lighthouse Team?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  • 2. What leadership skills can you offer to the Student Lighthouse Team?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  • 3. What do the 7 Habits mean to you?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  • 4. Explain a situation in which you demonstrated one of the 7 Habits at home or school?________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Pearl Haskew Student Lighthouse Team



Corrective Action:

*If a member of the team has difficulty following these criteria and does not actively participate in the duties of the Student Lighthouse Team they will meet with the faculty supervisors and be given a warning.  They will review the contract signed by the student.

**If the student continues to have difficulty then their parent will be notified and all stakeholders will synergize with the student to develop a plan to help them improve.

***If the student still does not improve then the final step is to relieve the student of their leadership position.



We have read the purpose, criteria, duties, and corrective action of the Pearl Haskew Student Lighthouse team. We understand these procedures and agree to them for the 2015-2016 school year.








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